Property and Asset Management Since 1980



Finlay Management, Inc. is the culmination of three + decades in the multifamily industry. Founded by Christopher Finlay in 1980, the company has evolved over the past thirty-five years under the continuing guidance of its founder.


The Finlay companies focused on commercial brokerage and property management. They grew to be among the largest commercial real estate firms in New England. By the end of the decade, Finlay had become a major asset manager for the FDIC.

1990 – 2010

The Finlay companies focused on multifamily development, constructing and managing approximately 40 multifamily communities across the country including several award-winning projects. During the same period, the Finlay companies built-to-lease 20 post office facilities for the United States Postal Service. All the while, Finlay Management continued to grow in order to accommodate the expanding portfolio of assets.

2010 – PRESENT

As development wound down, Finlay Management became the sole focus of the Finlay companies. And today, it has become the management arm of Lloyd Jones Capital, a related company that specializes in multifamily investment.